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Chamber Music by Linda Stern

Chamber Music

It's a little known fact

that the three daughters-in-law

of Noah comprised a string

trio. Even less well known

is who was violin, viola, cello.

But we can reckon on them

hauling, amid pairs of lions

and lemurs, the sturdy leather

cases that held their instruments,

strings, and bows, the scrolls

of music on cypress rollers.

More than that, we can picture

them seated, semicircle, in their

wooden-walled cabin, tuning

the long strings on the short pegs.

And further still, we may hear them

playing the prescient forebears

of David's harmonies, to be preserved,

along with two of every kind, inviolate

notes in the rainbowed air.

Linda Stern

Linda Stern’s book of poems, Why We Go by Twos (2015), is available from Barefoot Muse Press and on Amazon.com. Her poems have appeared in The New Criterion, Mezzo Cammin, American Arts Quarterly, The Raintown Review, Big City Lit, Kin Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. She co-published the poetry magazine Endymion and was associate editor of the online poetry journal Umbrella. In addition, she is a co-host of the Morningside Poetry Series in Manhattan, and she serves on the Advisory Board of Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference.


Linda Stern