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Lech Lecha by Cathleen Cohen

Lech Lecha

As you go

on your journey,


I hope you will carry

the most essential


goods, words

of blessing, seeds


the wind offers.

And that each glittering


stone on your path,

(be it shard or treasure)


leads you

into a widening.


Do you seek a new name,

like Sarah and Abraham,


who reaped

breathy promises?


Dawn stirs

like ripening fruit


over distant hills.

They wake into focus,


inviting your touch,

your reach.

Cathleen Cohen

Cathleen Cohen was the 2019 Poet Laureate of Montgomery County, PA. A poet, painter and teacher, she created the We the Poets program for children. Her poems appear in journals such as Apiary, Baltimore Review, One Art Journal, Poetica, and elsewhere. She authored Camera Obscura (Moonstone Press, 2017), Etching the Ghost (Atmosphere Press, 2021), and Sparks and Disperses (Cornerstone Press, 2021). Her artwork is on view at Cerulean Arts Gallery and www.cathleencohenart.com.


Cathleen Cohen