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Best of the Net, 2022

"Nana’s Last Hanukkah" by Marc Alan Di Martino

"Magic Loaf" by Robbi Nester

"Night of the Murdered Poets" by Susan Cohen

"For a Friend Going Deaf" by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

"Judith, on the Way to Slay Holofernes" by Deborah Bacharach

"And That Is Why There Are No Origin Stories Any More" by Risa Denenberg


Best New Poets, 2022

"In Miracles" by Elya Braden

"The 'O' in God" by Kimberly Kolbe


Pushcart Prize, 2021

"Self-Portrait with Origin Story" by Valerie Bacharach

"Dusk" by Elizabeth J. Coleman

"When Our Train Arrived in Warsaw" by Eva Eliav

"Dream Borders" by Betsy Mars

"Hummingbird" by Jason Olsen

"The Song You Never Wrote" by Julie Weiss