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"O, the Star" by Leslie Grollman

O, the Star

Stars never betray us

even when they deny us

what we thought we wanted.


They shoehorn us with our birth.


They invite us to fly

amongst the oldest to touch

how we began.


I think about those five-pointed stars

we craft without pen

deserting paper.

How they come from continuity

of line.


I come from continuity of line.

But to draw our star means to unyoke

for a heartbeat, our hand from the land—

just enough time

for a thief who covets our line


to erase it.

Leslie Grollman

Leslie Grollman’s work appears in Emerge Literary Journal, ballast, NiftyLit, Pidgeonholes, Psaltery & Lyre, Cordite Poetry Review, bath magg, Sweet Lit, Moist, Writing Utopia 2020 Anthology, and elsewhere. Leslie earned an MSc in Creative Writing, Poetry, with Distinction, from the University of Edinburgh in 2020 at age 70.



Leslie Grollman