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Green Peace by Kenneth M. Kapp

Green Peace

The cemetery was quiet after visiting hours.


There were no rows of trees or winding roads cutting through the rolling hills.


There was no need to talk loudly.


Sam had met Milly six months before. They usually talked about their children and grandchildren.


Pictures. I’d love to show you pictures. But you know how it is.


Yes. You’d think with all the talk about Wi-Fi...


And there was the usual gossip.


I think it’s shameful how crowded it’s getting.


Or the rumor that one plot had been sold multiple times.


I heard that Donald dropped in on Joe.

Kenneth M. Kapp

Kenneth M. Kapp was a Professor of Mathematics, a ceramicist, a welder, an IBMer, and yoga teacher. He lives with his wife and beagle in Wisconsin, writing late at night in his man-cave. He enjoys chamber music and mysteries. He's a homebrewer and runs whitewater rivers. Please visit www.kmkbooks.com.


Kenneth M. Kapp