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"Lilith menstruates for the first time" by Jennifer Garfield

Lilith menstruates for the first time

try to make me

a sea creature

but i know i am

the sea. you are

strata beneath

me. i’m in my luteal

phase which doesn’t

mean anything

to you. i’ve never

feared water. truth is

we will all drown.

in night stations.

in alley ways. in bone-

dry courtrooms.

so what i was red-sea

exiled. so what

i was unmothered.

i’m talking sea

all the way down.

i’m talking moonlight

and algae and blood-

brown blooms. not

your matriarch. not

your demon. not

your mesopotamian

dust. i am the flood

and the floodgates,

my story a deluge/



Jennifer Garfield

Jennifer Garfield’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including The Threepenny Review, Sugar House Review, Frontier Poetry, Passengers Journal, and West Trestle Review. She is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Literary Grant and Martha’s Vineyard Institute for Creative Writing Fellowship. She lives and teaches in Massachusetts.



Jennifer Garfield