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"Extinctions" by Amy Small-McKinney


        for mother, grandmother, & sister-in-law


I hike the knots of El Salvador and cannot find the Belted Flycatcher.

Cannot find the shy Gurney’s Pitta inside Myanmar’s lowland floor. Listen

for its broken whistle, melodies I have not yet learned.


        Sleep my little bird


        Shlof mayn feygele


        Duerme mi pajarito


If only she and she and she were still my dear birdies.


Against my city’s skyscraper windows, Ovenbirds shatter

unless building lights are dimmed, and they can find the stars.


        tea-cher Tea-cher TEA-cher


I cannot find my own fading song. I am a crow circling a dead crow. A magpie

setting clips of grass beside ones I have loved. I set my small stones.

Amy Small-McKinney

Amy Small-McKinney’s poems have been published in numerous journals including Poetica Magazine, Ilanot Review, American Poetry Review, and Persimmon Tree. She is the author of two full-length poetry books. Her third chapbook, One Day I Am A Field, was written during COVID 2020 and her husband’s death (Glass Lyre Press).



Amy Small-McKinney